2020! Are you still there 🤬¿

𝓓ear Diary. Finally I have begin to write. 🤓 Not because I want to, but because I have to. You may want to know why? You’ll know soon.

Pic of a Regular I.T. Cell Guy. Also available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLL, XXXL…

The world has gone to💩. No no, I’m not trying to say chocolate swirly 😝. It’s total tatti. S and H with IT at the end of it… IT or I.T. is more relevant to why I have begin writing. But I.T. was not alone to ruin it. Oh no, Sir. I.T. is nothing without a Cell. Fucking I.T. Cell has taken over the world. Ye I.T. Cell wale haramkhor paise ke liye aisa Kichad machaye hain ki Kamal hi Kamal khil raha hai.

Lekin, who can fight Kachchhon Wali Sena 🚩. You might be surprised how much 💪🏻 they have. In 🤬 ke bachchon ka sab kuch Majboot hai. But you can give it to them, protecting entire political propaganda is not a small feat. Fake News Gang that’s ruining this Nation’s time since 1930… I mean 1929. In undying words of an angry Dadi: “Ye sale sab ke sab mil ke hamein pagal bana rahein hain… ye madarchod ke bachche”.

But this is not the only reason I have started to write. My goal is not to write down the shit that has been my world these days. I also want to record the shittier things that has been to everyone. But, I don’t think today is the day for that. 😐 Today is the day for preparing to fight that is ahead of us. People may think 2020 was bloody asshole but the worst is yet to come.

Digital Bigotry “Government” is now outsourcing their Janta ki 🍑🍆 to corporations. They are so keen to outsource everything. They outsourced Infrastructure to corporates, Education to WhatsApp-Tiktok-Facebook, information to Godi Media and public distribution system to two -ĀNI of India.

Farmers are on streets, people are locked down (locally) and democracy is struggling to draw its last breath. Matlab Sab Changa Si… But, Aakhir hum karein to karein kya, bolein tow bolein kya? Waah Modi Ji, Waah!???????

Well, you’re going to find out soon. Things will change, and you’ll fucking witness it. Oh god, 2020 are you still there? Kachchhon Wali Sena ruined you. Sorry, we allowed it.

Love you.

P.S.:- If you ever show this entry to anyone… well, Share bhi kar dena.

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