Short Stories

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Chronicles of Queendom-Ruins of time

Princess Sarah walked for 70 days and 70 nights without the sleep or food. In the desert, she was wandering endlessly and restlessly. The sun was burning the sky and desert alike. The whole desert felt like a great big firepit and the air was like the endless torrent of dragon’s breath. She looked over the horizon where a girl was standing like she was waiting for her. Princess Sarah took a deep breath, grab a vial from her worn-off leather pouch and took a drop of silvery liquid. She took a closer glimpse on the vial. It had ten more drops in it. Princess Sarah was not optimistic anymore. She had no desire to find out the answers she wanted two months ago from now. It was not the life for her.

Read the most amazing historical fantasy short story. I’ll take you into a world of Queen Sophia who is set forth on a journey to find the answers. The journey is the most fantastic journey ever made by a Princess, a journey that will finally lead the Princess to a revelation and expose the truth before her.



The Last Kiss…

What a kiss means? A kiss thatcropped-Manus-Art-The-Kiss-of-Love-2.jpg could be a gesture of affection, sometimes a pure innocence, sometimes the sensuality, maybe a little sexuality. But what it means if it is the last kiss you’re going to make. Explorer it in this one page story about two lovers who have extraordinary in their short lived life.