Clandestine Lives: A trailer

Hi folks, this is a small part of my upcoming novel. I’m going to keep posting parts of it and soon will announce the release date. Please, let me know about your thoughts on it.

What love does?

The love many things + Disaster X Pain. So, I guess it deserves a song. Siri won’t sing it. I have no Mac. Send me one O Mama Supreme. In the meantime, here it is, enjoy. Lyrics are free to use, just credit I mean… come on. Isn’t it […]

The Last Kiss

It was raining outside on the day. Meera was listening to the droplets falling on the roof; that musical sound was enchanting. Funny how the sound of rain seems so engaging sometimes. You just can’t stop hearing that sound of rain. The sound was continuous, only occasionally distorted by the […]

Chronicles of Queendom-Ruins of time

I Princess Sarah walked for 70 days and 70 nights without the sleep or food. She was wandering In the desert endlessly and restlessly. The sun was burning the sky and desert alike. The whole desert felt like a great big firepit and the air was like the endless torrent […]

How to test your if your lover truly loves you?

In the world full of fakers, it has become really hard to find a true lover. Nature doesn’t give her greatest power to all the human being. All other people can either remain “Not-interested”, can f**k-up and die. However, when some swine are trying to pretend to be the true […]