New breed of “Advocates” disgust me

An Article by Mr. Bhola Allahabadi.

FYI, I’m an advocates myself.

You might be surprised that I wrote this post. You can persecute me, I’ll be there for your blow. I can expect no less from a breed of criminals who also wear a black gown and call a judge “My Lord”. I can expect no less from the “learned” imbeciles who have taken for granted the respect people give to the advocates.

You know why I’m saying these things because of the recent incident in the Tees Hazari Court is still fresh on your minds. But for reference, sources tells that a quarrel happened between police and advocates over the parking space, the quarrel then turned into riot and rest is a history… I mean a breaking-news.

Yes, this is how far we have fallen. Nothing moves us anymore. Nothing shakes us anymore. I feel ashamed because now a days nobody is sane anymore. A man having “Khaki” on his body thinks he owns the citizens and a man in black gown thinks he owns the police. The truth is… they both are owned by the politicians.

You must be looking close button on this webpage because the Voldemort of the vocabulary just came before your eyes. You are welcomed to look away. Let me help you, click that button to close this page. You know it is up there. Do it. FY for your insecurities. I give no damn and I’m no nice person. I’ll not be a “Gandhi” to the people who have lost him. But if you keep reading, I promise two greatest things on earth right now: A good smash on the politician’s face, and NO ADVERTISEMENT. Keep reading. I earn nothing from it. That’s what you want, don’t you? Something that is free.

So, why do advocates disgust me?

Well, the quarrel between police & those “Advocates” involved two things: police were in advocate’s “territory” which is called the court-campus, and the “advocates” were the first to beat up the police. You may ask: does this makes the police clean? You’re still welcomed to close this page.

Yes. I’m an advocate too and I know that no policeman will dare to touch an advocate in the Court premise, it is not a question of being stupid or something, it is pure common sense. You don’t fight lion in his territory. But calling these “Advocates” a lion is an insult to whole lion community… they are rare. I call these new breed of “Advocate” Hyenas. They come in group, assault you and laugh at your misery. But when they see your open bound, they will rip you apart.

For record, I walk among policeman all the time in the Court premise. They are not disrespectful or like they behave in the public and in newspapers columns. Police is always respectful to the advocates not only because of common business ground, it is also because they feel a fraternity to them… in fact stronger fraternity than their own colleagues. It is advocates who fight their departmental enquiry case, it is advocates who fight for their unpaid pension. At every step it is advocates who fight for policeman’s own right.

And it is not like police does not do anything for advocates. They give them the safe passage everywhere. Do you know why an advocate walks scot-free from traffic police… or police in general? Do you realise that only an advocate get respect when he goes in the jail for his client? No jail visitor gets that respect. Do you realise that no policeman hurts an advocate if he knows that the man is an advocate? That’s why all advocates put “High Court”, “Advocate” and “Supreme Court” in front of their vehicles. It is not because it is their license to commit crime, it is because a policeman respects, fears hurting and feels brotherhood to the advocates.

And what these “Advocates” do? They do what a criminal does? They abuse law everyday, they abuse their clients, think themselves above law, treat everyone like shit. This is what these “Advocates” are. Recently, a news came that an advocate assaulted a valet near Allahabad High Court, the valet’s eardrum was raptured. A man earning few bucks a day by parking advocate’s bikes from the unauthorised parking lot is not going to complain against the Advocate. The media did not cover the incident. Everything was fine. Sab Changa Si!

But this doesn’t end here. The criminal attitude of these “Advocates” is just a tip of the iceberg. The advocates are also corrupt. Police extort money by showing their “Khaki Vardi” and advocate extort money with fear and trust. It is not a big mystery how advocates who call themselves social worker get Mercedes like a piece of cake. Do walk down your local high court premise and see how it is full of four wheelers. No surprise they are choking your children along with their own with those four wheelers.

But it is not the rock-bottom of this profession which I respect. It is their loss of sense about the profession. Real advocates are afraid of these “Advocate”. It is because there is no group of real advocates. Real advocates adhere Ahimsa, they adhere law, they know the Gandhi was a real advocate. But these “Advocate” know no Gandhi. They know Godse, and they find him more realistic.

In the world of law, a lawyer supposed to be the man of cause: a reformer. It is not just a coincident that most of freedom-fighters were lawyers. They were the angels who fought injustice. Gandhi was a lawyer and he was nothing like the man we see in black gowns these days. Can you expect Gandhi appreciating these “Advocates” for beating police just because of parking space? Do you? Do you expect Jawaharlal Nehru or even today’s most beloved Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to appreciate what “Advocates” did? Maharishi Tagore would have not called these “Advocates” Mahatma. These “Advocates” would have called a fraud.

But those Gandhi and his contemporaries were the lawyers who knew that “an eye for an eye will make the world blind”. They were the man who saw a brother in every human being. They were not inclined to kill policeman who beaten them with “lathi”. They knew that the policeman are also working under British command.

Coming back to present, today the British are gone and “Hindustani Gore” has taken their place. Gandhi Ji was right, this freedom was not “Swaraj” he thought of. He failed to teach Ahimsa to these black gown wearers.

You know why Advocates disgust me? Because they are not the solution anymore, they are part of the problem. They are the cronies of the government: the boot lickers of the “Satta”. Kill me for these words if you like, I can expect no more and will not speak softly. This breed of advocate is coward. They are fighting for nothing and they can win nothing.

And this brings us to the crux of the whole incident. It is the politics that has corrupted the mind of over Advocates. It is the power that has corrupted them. This is how the things work for politics. In this war Advocates do not win, only the politics wins. The politics that has degraded the police system as well as the advocacy.

Let me reveal you something you haven’t think in the heat of this whole incident: Police is always exploited by politicians. Even Village Pradhan thinks he owns the police. They are outnumbered, doing overtime (often unpaid for that) and under constant threat of being suspended or worse. Has anyone told you that we are still 5 Lakh short of the number of police we need? Did anyone told you that police works for 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours without a sleep? Did anyone told you they are the most depressed people on the planet? And you want them to be honest.

Police petrol at night, never gets a leave when needed, shamed by superiors who knows no shit about the actual field work and just stays slave to the will of ministers and his cronies. SHO faces worse as sometimes he has to pay for the petrol of the jeep. An advocate may get enough money for his kids by being honest throughout his career, but the policeman has no other means. The system makes him corrupt.

Policeman has a family which rarely sees him. His kids are growing in his absence. He has taken bribes so he could get best education for his teenager kid and his teenager kid is going on the wrong track. His naïve kid thinks that his father is the superman, he can save him. The kid doesn’t know that this superman has been rotting inside out this whole time to give him the best of both worlds. The kid is going to become a criminal and the policeman cannot do anything. Government never provides for the education of the police-personnels. I have personally seen many policeman break down to tear because they could not afford a month’s fee for his kid. Government gives no adequate insurance to the family of the policeman. You know how often policeman is likely to be killed if he is honest? You could not even fathom. Look at the incident of Subodh Kumar and Zia Ul Haq. See, through the lens of time.

Now, switch to the advocate’s side. He is earning good, he has time to raise his kid but will not because he has cases to draft, cases to prepare, books to read. He works from morning 6 to night 10. Government provides no education to the kids of an advocate. He has to become corrupt to feed his family and raise him up. The advocate’s kid thinks his father is a superman because police never scratches him and even respects him. His kid often goes on the wrong track.

Politics corrupts all. Power corrupts all.

You know how police stations are worse than most of jails. Electricity bills of many police stations are also not paid and electricity department often cut the electricity. Now, consider what advocates do? They just find the pray and feed on their bloods, not their fault, they are not given any support from the government. Education fee is rising, demands are high, how can he live and raise on his honest? He cannot. So, he becomes corrupt. But how corrupt an advocate can become?

Many advocates will not stop eating an client until he is close to go bankrupt. And then many advocates will save a man who is obviously a criminal, why, because of money. Government will take away even advocate’s rights as it did many times before. Bars are now just a sham, bar presidents and AGA often becomes government’s cronies. Wrong will happen everyday, minister will rape girls and government will send girl to jail for being raped and then coming forward, but advocate will not stand up. But an advocate will get into quarrel with a police man and get what he deserve for attacking a policeman and endangering his life everyone will go on strick.

The incident was sad. What happened should have not happened. One advocate got shot on his chest. This is bad, but advocates did beat policemen first. It should be kept in mind.

I tell what will happen. Bar Assosiation will call for a strike. Clients will suffer, few will enjoy the limelight, their political career will rocket and everything will go back to where it were. Politics wants you to never reach does root of the cause. It doesn’t want you to look at what is wrong. This incident is one of the many incidents happened in past. It is not the first, it will not be the last.

At last, I’m an advocate too and this new breed of advocates sickens me. Disgusting!

Disclaimer: The post is a free speech, protected under the Constitution of India. All you can do is comment on the post. Ask no more!

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