Clandestine Lives: A trailer

It is a part of my upcoming novel. I have invest a way lot of time in this one. More than eight years of work and thoughts have gone in this one, all while writing other stuff. Please let me know what you think about it. ?

Walking back to her car, Vidya had so many plans for her night. She was planning on how to make love making even more intense and erotic. She was sure that it could be darn good within the confinement of the car.

Reaching her car, she found it left unattended. She looked around, Siddh was nowhere to be seen. Even the car’s window was open, and key was left on the keyhole. It was so unlike Siddh.

And then, all the sudden, a scream made Vidya run. She traced the location of scream near the building. When Vidya reached at the destination, she freaked out. A hooded fiend was holding Siddh by neck.

Tall like Siddh, the hoodlum, was holding him by neck, up in the air. Vidya immediately took out her .45 assault pistol from the jacket, aimed on hooded freak’s head and shot all the bullets at once. The bullets left the gun in a queue and pierced the hooded freak’s head, savagely. The velocity of those bullets was so strong that the hoodlum was thrown many feet away. The bullets also cleaned the head-off the hoodlum’s body.

With Hoodlum thrown away, Siddh was dropped dead on the ground. Vidya ran to Siddh and checked him, he was unconsciousness and unnaturally still.

“Siddh, wake up,” Vidya said in panic. She checked his pulse which was still alive, but his breath was completely off. She blew few breaths in him and he got up coughing and gulping the air as hard as he could.

Vidya looked around, the headless hooded freak was lying supine on the ground.

“He was trying to abduct a woman,” Siddh informed while rubbing his throat.

To the moment, a crowd was formed around them in a circle. They all were mumbling to each other.

“Siddh, I should inform the organization,” Vidya said. She took out the phone, but few screams stopped her from calling Radha.

They looked, the headless body sat strait on the ground. In a flick of a second, Vidya popped another magazine from her stealth waist holster from one hand and removed empty magazine from other, all in a spur of moment. As the magazine locked in pistol, Vidya empties it on the running headless creature. The bullets followed the creature before he disappeared behind the fog.

“What the hell was that?” Siddh asked in horror.

“I don’t know,” Vidya said.

Honestly, I had nothing to post today, but I did worked on my English novel. I think you guys will appreciate it. Let me know if it is good.

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