What love does?

The love many things + Disaster X Pain. So, I guess it deserves a song. Siri won’t sing it. I have no Mac. Send me one O Mama Supreme. In the meantime, here it is, enjoy. Lyrics are free to use, just credit Bannokidiary.com. I mean… come on. Isn’t it great to support something you love?

[Verse 1]

Once it felt like a joy in the heart,

now it feels like a graveyard.

Once it was like a hot cup-o-sun, now

it does feels like a dead one.

What happened to the one once so alive,

now you can’t start living that life. I

guess it’s there, hidin’ deep-in, but

this rhyme isn’t doin’ curin’. Because

you don’t wanna be one enjoyin’,

your voice’s smothered and you’re lying.

Those people blaming you for this fit, those

people ain’t know you’re dealing what shit. But,

I ain’t gonna blame you for a start, ‘cause

I know what’s life with a broken heart.

[Verse 2]

Now pain tastes like a sweeter pill,

A foe and a friend who’s hard to kill,

Broken bed comforts you enough,

You tried smiling … though it’s tough,

That’s the survival keeping you alive,

You say you alive but it’s shitting lie.

You should get up and get someone, but

inside your heart you’ll hold no-one.

You are to moving one day and an inch, but

this moving feels to you a bit sickening.

Now you broke down ‘n cry out loud,

No one’s gonna hear you screaming out.

But I ain’t gonna blame you for a start, ‘cause

this is like living with a broken heart.

[Verse 3]

Now you wonder what song it is about,

‘cause you’re lookin’ for a reason to shout.

‘Tis ain’t your fault for once and for all, you

damned your life and took a fall.

Leaving past or living it… it’s your choice,

a bird can fly or just wait and die.

What should happen it’s you to choose,

your life ain’t some fucking mongoose.

Your life is your life, you want no shit,

I really, totally, get it. But

if this rhyme ain’t gonna help you get it,

then my friend love wasn’t your hit.

Love wasn’t slave to your reef,

your life is now living hanger-o-cliff. So,

keep moving and just move on past, you

get one life and it ain’t no gonna last.

If you still don’t wonna come on aloft, I

get it that you wanna a time-off.

I wrote this rhyme to really help someone,

but know this that I’m the broken one.

Of course copyright reserved. What else you gonna think it is going to be you cute literature lovers.

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