Chronicles of Queendom-Ruins of time


Princess Sarah walked for 70 days and 70 nights without the sleep or food. She was wandering In the desert endlessly and restlessly. The sun was burning the sky and desert alike. The whole desert felt like a great big firepit and the air was like the endless torrent of dragon’s breath. She looked over the horizon where a girl was waiting for her. Princess Sarah took a deep breath, grab a vial from her worn-off leather pouch and took a drop of silvery liquid. Then she took a closer glimpse on the vial, it had ten more drops in it. Princess Sarah was not optimistic anymore. She had no desire to find out the answers she wanted two months ago from now. It was not the life for her.

The Ruins of Time. Created and owned by Devleena Dey. © 2016||Visit: for more like this.

Princess Sarah was the heart and soul of a city. How unfortunate was this? The Princess recovered from 15 years long sleep, had a nightmare and left her kingdom: Azharia. Princess Sarah had a kingdom of greatness, wealth, and might. It was like a big diamond in the middle of the desert. Kingdom was the greatest of all and Princess was heart and soul of it. Before Princess Sarah dared to leave her Kingdom, she was the only lady of the imposing palace of merciless king Azhar.

King Azhar was the warrior who never put his sword down. He was so bloodthirsty people titled him The Living Death. His terror was so widespread that it penetrated the mighty Wall of China and permeated the Great Indian Ocean… and Princess Sarah was a bride to be of King Azhar.

But King’s cruelty was not the reason why Princess Sarah was so loved and respected in all of Azharia. Fear cannot compel anyone to love. Azharia Chronicles had full records of bloodshed done by young King Azhar. King looted, killed and enslaved every neighbor country, indifferent to their will to surrender. Nobody was spared, neither protesters nor pacifists.

When mighty Azhar’s anarchy reached its’ pinnacle, he found his love interest in Sarah. They were about to get married when the Princess was poisoned. Instead of dying Princess slipped into come. Devastated by Sarah’s condition, King Azhar again went on killing spree and left his people in the hand of greedy Vazir and corrupt bureaucrats.  For years the public suffered until the Princess recovered from coma.

Unable to remember her previous life, Princess Sarah started to cure the kingdom. She started to meet the public and found peace in curing their misery and pain. Princess was so beautiful that everyone always got spellbound by her beauty. Soon Princess Sarah realized that her radiance is magical. Wherever she went, the dead plants and sick people get cured. This made Sarah most loved person in all of Azharia.

Princess Sarah grew accustomed to meet sick and poor people and started to correct the things King Azhar neglected in his bloodlust. People never wanted her to go anywhere, more like the princess herself who never thought to leave a place who is so loving and kind to her. And then one night everything changed.

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