How to test your if your lover truly loves you?

In the world full of fakers, it has become really hard to find a true lover. Nature doesn’t give her greatest power to all the human being. All other people can either remain “Not-interested”, can f**k-up and die. However, when some swine are trying to pretend to be the true lover (all these swine want sex, cheap sonofabitch), it is just a hard task to find out whether you have a true lover.

  • You can ask your lover to quit a really bad habit.
  • You can ask your lover to give up pot dealing/drug dealing.
  • You can ask your lover to have a decent job.
  • You can ask your lover to quit making false promises with mango-people (politician lovers are also in the world, I believe. Very hard to trust, very hard).
  • You can ask your lover to give up gunfighting with gangsters (or ask your love to finish all goons for sake of whole world, not my way of dealing, though).
  • You can ask your lover if he/she can love you through all the time (they can lie on this one, beware).
  • You can secretly set a goal for them (but tell them to achieve).
  • You can ask them to prove themselves.
  • You can ask him/her to pluck the stars of the sky (stars will get plucked one day, avoid this method at all cost).
  • You can test your lover with any method you may like (including hitting her/him in the head, not my advice).
  • You can just love them (no need to test them, if you are not a woman).
Remember woman:-
  • A true lover will never ask you anything (except not leaving you).
  • A true lover will love you unconditionally (if you start to leave him, he’ll cry and even die but will not stop you, as he knows how to respect your decision).
  • A true lover will try his best to avoid hurting you (even if your parents accuse him in a false case of rape).
  • A true lover will always love you (no matter how hard you try to break him. Yep! Lover lose the sense of respect for them, against their lover).
  • A true lover will never let you hurt, but sometimes even Superman and Spiderman misses places at the time of need.
  • A true lover will never doubt you (sometimes, it just happens that they doubt you but they tell you to forgive them).

That’s all I have for you for now. Keep in touch for more education posts like this. And, ladies, don’t forget to like this page on Facebook via your true ID. Thank you.

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